Suitable for customers for whom stability and predictable costs are important throughout the period.

  • The price of natural gas is fixed for a certain number of months with a guarantee that the price will not change during this period.



Suitable for clients for whom flexibility and freedom is important.

  • The price of natural gas is fixed but may change if there have been changes in the natural gas and oil markets.
  • We will provide information about the changes in price 30 days in advance.
  • No early termination fee.
  • No natural gas consumption limit.
We also offer INDIVIDUAL solutions that are prepared according to your business interests and needs!

For more information on how the payment for natural gas is compiled, read here.

What will you receive if you choose to cooperate with us?
  • An individual approach that will suit the specific needs of your business the best
  • Competitive natural gas price
  • A secure partner, which has worked in the field of natural gas since 1991
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