Total amount of payment for natural gas depends on the amount of natural gas consumed as well as the connection capacity, and consists of several components:

  • natural gas price- encompasses not only the price of the natural gas itself as a commodity, but also trading, storage and transmission capacity services. The price of natural gas for households is regulated by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC);
  • distribution services- determined by JSC Gaso for the supply of natural gas within the city limits; The charge consists of a tariff for each unit consumed and a fixed charge, depending on the maximum load allowed for the connection;
  • transmission services - determined by JSC Conexus Baltic Grid” for the transportation of natural gas through the main pipelines;
  • excise tax - determined and regulated by the state; Excise tax rates are available here.
  • value added tax (VAT) - determined and regulated by the state. The total payment for natural gas is charged with VAT of 21%.

Breakdown of the average natural gas payment per component (when natural gas is used for cooking and heating)

Payment breakdown