Final Guaranteed Supply (FGS) ensures the continuity of the natural gas supply. A natural gas consumer who has not entered into an agreement with one of the natural gas traders becomes a recipient of the FGS service. In accordance with the Energy Law, Latvijas Gāze has an obligation to provide FGS services to households in the territory of Latvia.

The price of the FGS service for households corresponds to the existing applicable tariffs for the related consumers until other prices are set.

How does an FGS service differ from a service provided under a concluded contract?

Contracts always have a starting date, and you will know exactly when you have made the commitment. In addition, the contract fixes the meter reading, from which you will undertake to keep track of the consumed natural gas and make payments. The contract is a mutual promise and provides a much greater sense of security.

The legislator has stipulated that in cases where no contract has been concluded, the responsibility for the settlements, consumed natural gas, and distribution system services, as well as compliance with the security regulations shall be assumed by the owner of the real estate. In many cases, the owner does not use the property himself or herself, but, e.g., rents it to the tenants or allows relatives to use it. There are often situations where the owner is confused regarding the transfer of the debt accumulated in the property and transfer of the owner's data to debt collection companies.

We ask you to not postpone the conclusion of the agreement as the distribution system operator GASO has the right to suspend the supply of natural gas if the person using natural gas at the relevant address has not concluded a natural gas trade contract.

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