The object has a connection for natural gas

You want to switch the contract to your name for a property, in which natural gas was previously used by another person? Easiest and fastest way is to do this online.


The contract can also be concluded in the Customer service center or by sending the documents by post (documents must be signed). Documents required for contract conclusion:

  • Copy of the document confirming ownership, use or possession of the object
  • Registration statement of commercial recording meter readings (Komercuzskaites mēraparāta rādījumu fiksācijas akts)
  • If there are several co-owners of the object, then you need written consent from the co-owners that you are able to conclude a natural gas trading contract
The object has no connection for natural gas

You want to install a new natural gas connection.

Before concluding a contract with us, you must contact the distribution system operator Gaso to find out what is needed to install a new gas connection, whether there are gas pipelines nearby, what the connection costs will be.