Where to submit meter readings?

Acceptance and processing of meter readings is provided by the distribution system operator, therefore, it is best to submit meter readings in the ways made available by AS Gaso.

For your convenience, we have also provided an opportunity to submit meter readings on the Latvijas Gāze E-portal.

When to submit meter readings?

The submission of meter readings is carried out three times per year:

  • two times before tariff amendments before 30 June and 31 December;
  • at the end of the reporting period.

The reporting period is individual for each client. Before the deadline for each reporting period, you will receive a letter via e-mail and the E-portal or post requesting you to submit meter readings .

Whereas, if you use natural gas for heating, you will receive a reminder to submit meter readings before each tariff amendment. If you only use natural gas for cooking, in order not to forget to submit meter readings, we advise you to register on the E-portal. After registering, you will receive reminders to submit meter readings via the E-portal and e-mail.

What are the next steps?

After submitting meter readings, you will receive a report. If registered on the E-portal, you will receive the report via the webpage and e-mail; whereas, if not registered, you will receive the report via post.

The report will contain your subscriber number (must be indicated when carrying out payments), balanced consumption amount of the month, as well as total monthly payment for natural gas.

Find out more about carrying out payments and current tariffs.