Payments for natural gas take place on an balanced consumption basis, which allows one to pay a constant number of cubic metres (kilowatt-hours) each month, regardless of the real monthly consumption.

The adjusted natural gas consumption is determined once a year, dividing the amount of natural gas consumed in 12 months by the number of months (twelve). At the end of the period, a recalculation is made to adjust or maintain constant monthly consumption and calculate overpayment or an overdue payment. The reference period may be individual for each one and may not coincide with the calendar year.

If you just started to use natural gas, the adjusted consumption is determined individually by agreement or by average consumption in similar cases.

If actual consumption in the period has been lower than that which is predetermined, in the first months of the next period the payments may not be made in the amount of overpayment; but if the real consumption is higher, the difference must be paid within the specified time period.

For electronic consumption reports and electronic invitations, to report meter readings you can log in to “My data” on the e- portal.
Submission of meter readings


  • Twice a year: readings on June 30 and December 31
  • and at the end of the reporting period
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Places for the submission of readings
Receiving the report
  • On the E-portal of Latvijas Gāze
  • By e-mail
  • By mail


Payment must be made by the 20th date of the following month.

  • In the internet bank (bank accounts)
  • In the E-portal (available for Luminor (DNB) and Citadele clients)
  • In bank branches
  • In Latvijas pasts

When making payments on the internet bank, specify the subscriber number in the payment purpose (see the report and receipts). If you make a payment for several items, please indicate the number of the subscriber of each item and the amount of the payment.

If payments are delayed, late payment interest is calculated at 0.15% of the amount due for each day of delay.

Download calendar reminders