Payments (7)

Can I pay for actual consumption?

Related users make payments following the balanced consumption principle.

What if I have overpaid for natural gas?

In the case of overpayment, it is treated as an advance payment for the natural gas consumed in the next period. If you have overpaid, you can find out on the E-portal, section Invoices. You can also find out by writing to, calling 1855 or visiting our Customer service centre.

I have several properties; can I get a joint natural gas report for all of my properties?

You will receive an individual review for each property.

Can I make payments for another person?

You can make payments for another person if you know the subscriber number.

Where can I see the monthly payment amount, if the report is not saved?

You can find out the monthly payment in the E-portal section Invoices, subsection Reports, by opening the consumption report document. You can also find out by writing to, calling 1855 or visiting our Customer service centre.

What if I have made an advance payment for the year to come, but during this period, the tariffs change?

In the case of a change, recalculation is carried out for an adjusted consumption payment and, accordingly, you will have to pay the difference on the next payment, or an overcharge will be treated as an advance payment.

What if my natural gas consumption has increased or decreased significantly, but my adjusted consumption has already been calculated?

You should report this to us. You can do it in the E-portal section Messages, by writing to, or visiting the Client service centre.

Meter readings (2)

Which digits should be indicated when submitting meter readings?

The integers of the meter must be indicated. More information on meter readings is available

What happens if I do not report my meter readings?

We would like to kindly remind you, that meter readings must be transmitted three times a year; but if this is not done, then the adjusted consumption will remain unchanged and will be subject to the current tariffs, therefore a significant difference between the calculated and actual consumption may occur, thus creating a large debt.

General (4)

What if my contact information changes?

Inform us by calling 1855, by emailing or by updating your contact information on the E–portal section Reports.

Where can I get information on tariffs and their changes? Will I be personally informed about the changes?

There are no personal notifications about the changes in natural gas tariffs. Current tariffs can be found on our homepage, as well as in Latvijas Vēstnesis

What if it is necessary to terminate the contract without interrupting the supply of natural gas?

Such situations happen mainly when the property is sold or rented.

If the balance of payments will be without a debt, the contract will be terminated as soon as the new user signs a new contract.

What if it is necessary to terminate the contract by disconnecting the natural gas supply?

In order to terminate your contract, you must first inform Latvijas Gāze about this in writing and contact the distribution system operator GASO to apply for the termination of natural gas supply.

The contract will be terminated if, after the interruption of natural gas supply, the balance of payments will be without a debt.