Payments (14)

How do I find out what my monthly payment will be?

The fastest and most convenient way to find out your payment amount and to make a payment is via the customer portal.

Where can I get information on tariffs and their changes? Will I be personally informed about the changes?

There are no personal notifications about the changes in natural gas tariffs. Current tariffs can be found on our homepage, as well as in Latvijas Vēstnesis.

Why do I have to pay a fixed price even when gas has not been consumed?

Each natural gas consumer consumes gas and also uses infrastructure. These are the costs that can be related to each user. The fixed fee is a contribution of each natural gas user to the safety of themselves and surrounding residents, maintenance and development of infrastructure and provision of emergency service.

Is it possible to temporarily disconnect the natural gas supply and will there be a fixed fee during the disconnection?

Gaso offers households a free option to temporarily disconnect the natural gas supply. For the period during which the gas supply will be disconnected, a fixed fee will not be charged to households (affiliated users).

The distribution system operator Gaso must be contacted for the application of the natural gas disconnection.

Is it possible to pay a year in advance?

Yes, you can make an advance payment! Overpayment will be applied to future payments.

Can I pay in accordance with my actual consumption?

By choosing the payment method - Bill, you can pay for natural gas in accordance with actual consumption. By choosing this payment method you will receive a monthly bill for your actual consumption of natural gas. In this case, the meter readings must be reported monthly.

In order to change the payment method, you shall contact us by writing an e-mail to or by sending a message on the customer portal.

Why haven't I received the report if other neighbours have received it, and how much should I pay if I have not received the report?

The reporting period may not coincide with the calendar year; each user has a different reporting period, and payments must be made according to the previously calculated amount. You can check your reporting period by checking the last report received; you can also find the amount of the payment on the customer portal.

Can I make payments for another person?

You can make payments for another person if you know that person’s subscriber number. However, we invite persons who have entered into an agreement with Latvijas Gāze to make their own payments.

What if I have made an advance payment for the following year, but during that period the tariffs change?

In the case of a change, recalculation is carried out for the Balanced Payment; accordingly, you will have to pay the difference on the next payment, or an overpayment will be treated as an advance payment.

What if my natural gas consumption has increased or decreased significantly, but my adjusted consumption has already been calculated?

You should report this to us. You can do it in the E-portal section Messages, by writing to, or visiting the Client service centre.

Where are the payment accounts of Latvijas Gāze available?

Requisites of the Company are available in the Payment accounts section. For natural gas consumption reports and payment receipts sent by post, all details and bank accounts of Latvijas Gāze required for the payments are listed on the back of the page. Payment can be made to all payment accounts, regardless of which bank you use.

If you make a payment via internet bank, use the samples prepared by the bank, where all the necessary data is already indicated. All you have to do is to enter your subscriber number.

I have several properties; Can I get a joint natural gas report for all of my properties?

You will receive an individual review for each property.

Where can I see the amount of the monthly payment, if the report is not saved?

The amount of the monthly payment can be found in the Invoices section of the customer portal.

What should I specify in a payment order, if I want to pay for gas?

The payment is identified on the basis of the indicated subscriber number, which is specified in the contract, in the natural gas consumption report, and on the payment receipts. There is a bar code on the payment receipt, for example, when paying in Latvijas Pasts you only need to present a payment receipt.

Meter readings (7)

How do I report meter readings?

The fastest and most convenient way to report meter readings is via the customer portal. More information on reporting is available on the Submission of meter readings section.

How do I make sure that readings are submitted?

If you use the customer portal to report the readings, you can verify that they have been submitted on the Customer Portal by going to the Readings section.

If you submit the readings via SMS, you will receive a confirmation text message.

Which digits should be indicated when submitting meter readings?

The integers of the meter must be indicated. More information on meter readings is available

What happens if I do not report my meter readings?

If the meter readings are not reported within the set time limit, the consumption will be calculated by the distribution system operator Gaso. This may affect your total payment for the natural gas. If the meter readings are not reported, then a significant difference between the calculated and actual consumption may occur, thus creating a large debt.

What if the actual consumption is significantly lower than the one estimated by Gaso?

In this case, contact the distribution system operator Gaso.

Why is the consumption indicated in kWh, given that we report the readings in cubic meters?

Meter readings still must be reported in cubic meters, as the natural gas meters count the consumption in cubic meters. The Regulations Regarding the Trade and Use of Natural Gas stipulate that for the purposes of the system user's settlement of payments, kilowatt-hours (kWh) are used. Both cubic meters and kilowatt-hours are units of energy that can be used to measure the amount of natural gas, but the energy value of cubic meters may vary depending on how dense the m3 of gas is under certain conditions; that is a variable. In order to settle the payment for the natural gas, the Distribution System Operator Gaso converts the calculated cubic meters into kWh.

How much is 1 kWh converted to m3?

1 m3 of natural gas, in different zones and conditions of Latvia, may differ when expressed in kWh. Therefore, in order to express the amount of consumed natural gas per cubic meter in kilowatt hours, the weighted average gross calorific value under standard conditions is used for the calculations.

You can calculate your natural gas consumption in kilowatt hours using the Unit Converter.

There are 37 calorific value zones in Latvia. You can find your calorific value zone on the Latvijas Gāze customer portal or in the report, and you can also get acquainted with the calorific value zones on the website of the distribution system operator Gaso.

General (2)

What if my contact information changes?

The e-mail address, which is also the username for the customer portal, and the telephone number can be changed on the customer portal.

What to do if the owner of an object with a natural gas connection changes?

In the event of a change of the ownership or tenant of the property, the former user of natural gas shall terminate his obligations and the new user shall conclude a contract for the use of natural gas.

The former user, together with the new user, shall complete and sign the Meter reading record sheet and, together with the completed and signed application for termination of the agreement, shall submit the documents to Latvijas Gāze. Upon receipt of the report, the former user is obliged to pay for the services.