The tariffs applied by distribution system operator JSC Gaso will change as of 1st of January 2019 – the tariff will now include two components – a fixed part and a variable part. The fixed part will depend on the permitted maximum load, whereas the variable part will be based on the natural gas consumption, as it was previously.

The fixed part of the tariff will be charged on a monthly basis, regardless of absence or presence of actual consumption.

Until 31ˢᵗ of December, 2018

From 1ˢᵗ of January, 2019

The permitted maximum load value is displayed on each meter (Qmax). In certain cases the actual value of the permitted load can differ from the one displayed on the meter. In such cases, the permitted load is determined inidvidually based on the technical documentation.

Permitted load
Fixed part of the tariff (with VAT)
Until 6 m3/h2,14 EUR/monthly
6,1 - 10 m3/h 8,02 EUR/monthly
10,1 - 16 m3/h 12,83 EUR/monthly
16,1 - 25 m3/h 19,57 EUR/monthly