Why choose us

We are one of the largest importers and traders of natural gas in the Baltics. We ensure a continuous supply of natural gas in the cold winter months, using the Inčukalns Underground Storage facility. And we have long-term contracts with natural gas producers.

Every client has their own customer relationship manager, who will ascertain the specifics of your activities and develop the most appropriate solution.

AS Latvijas Gāze is one of the largest natural gas seller in the Baltic States with more than 27 years of experience. We trade natural gas on the Get Baltic Stock Exchange. And we currently supply natural gas to customers in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland.

We are offering fixed price products, variable price products and individual price offers that are developed for your needs.

    Natural Gas Products for business


    Suitable for customers for whom stability and predictable costs are important throughout the period.

    • The price of natural gas is fixed for a certain number of months with a guarantee that the price will not change during this period.


    Suitable for clients for whom flexibility and freedom is important.

    • The price of natural gas changes every month according to the changes in market price - index.
    • No early termination fee.
    • No natural gas consumption limit.

    We also offer INDIVIDUAL solutions that are prepared according to your business interests and needs!
    1. Contact our Sales Project Manager Ainārs Mežals [email protected] and get an offer.
    2. Review and approve the offer.
    3. Sign the contract.
    4. Use natural gas.
    • An individual approach that will suit the specific needs of your business the best
    • Competitive natural gas price
    • A secure partner, which has worked in the field of natural gas since 1991

    Advantages of natural gas

    Eco-friendly fossil fuel
    If you use natural gas, you are an eco-friendly consumer. Consumption of natural gas produces a reduced amount of CO2 emissions, and does not cause much harm to the environment. The amount of emissions produced during the delivery of the fuel is also a matter that must be taken into account. Compressors are used to deliver natural gas; they produce less in emissions compared to the methods of delivering other fossil fuels.

    No energy losses when delivering natural gas
    Because natural gas is delivered via pipelines, there are no energy losses, and you get the maximum amount of energy possible.

    Exactly as much natural gas as you need
    Natural gas is only supplied to the clients in the amount that is necessary, not forcing them to consume excess energy.

    Energy efficiency

    Temperature control
    Interesting fact: studies have shown that by reducing the room temperature by 1 °C, you can save up to 5% energy. Because of this, we recommend adjusting the room temperature manually, or using modern technologies, such as thermostatic valves for the heaters.

    It is not advisable to lower the room temperature by more than 3 °C during the day, because reheating the room to its original temperature may then consume more energy than what was saved in the first place.

    Temperature of hot water
    Specialists suggest reducing the temperature of hot water, although it shouldn’t go under 45 °C, because lower temperatures can make the water supply system an attractive place for undesirable and harmful germs.

    Modern equipment
    Modern companies work on improving energy efficiency, both when producing energy, and when consuming it. We recommend researching the market and consulting with specialists that can suggest better solutions before making your purchase.

    Energy efficiency in buildings
    Latvia’s unstable weather and cold winters make the energy efficiency of your building an important matter. Is the house sufficiently insulated? Are there any major heat losses through its structures, windows, doors? Improving these factors takes much investment, which is why it is also important to assess if this will yield the desired results in the long run.

    Legal information

    General provisions of natural gas trade contract (PDF, LT/ EN)

    Disputes concerning the implementation of the Contract shall be settled by the mutual agreement between the Parties. If the Parties fail to resolve the dispute within a reasonable time (not more than 30 calendar days), the dispute shall be settled in accordance with the procedure established by legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
    Consumer rights 

    Who is responsible for the quality of the services provided and how to resolve disputes?

    Natural gas consumers’ right to choose the means of dispute settlement

    Questions and answers by the European Commission providing practical information on consumer rights

    Consumer Complaints Procedure