Latvijas Gāze - a Loved and a Green Brand

The research carried out for the sixteenth time, and the subsequently created "Most Loved Baltic Brands Top", highlights the most valued brands in Latvia and the Baltics. This Top helps companies gain insight into public opinion and find out how their brand is valued. In the process of creating the Top, more than 500 popular brands are researched and evaluated within different categories.

Based on a study identifying employers with the best reputation in society, the Employer Brand Ranking was created for the first time this year, ranking Latvijas Gāze as the 6th most attractive employer in Latvia. Latvijas Gāze also ranks 30th in the category of the Most Loved Brand and 21st in the Greenest Brand category, which is rated by the public.

We are proud of the results and thank you for this evaluation! It inspires us to improve and to further develop our services and customer service. We are happy to see that our work towards making our services more convenient, accessible, and more environmentally friendly has not gone unnoticed. To take care of customers' convenience and safety, this year we developed remote service, and to help preserve the environment we now offer new, more environmentally friendly products, such as compressed natural gas (CNG) for road transport.

The full Baltic and Latvian Brand Top is available at

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The donation made by Latvijas Gāze provides significant support for the treatment of Covid-19 patients in Latvia

At the event, the journalists were informed that the clinical centre of Riga East University Hospital Latvian Centre of Infectious Diseases (LIC) had received medical equipment, devices and personal protective equipment which will modernise the care of patients with Covid-19 and other infectious diseases; the received equipment will provide additional safety for medical personnel and patients by reducing the risk of infection, as well as the reduced spending on personal protective equipment will save money in the long run.

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