Taking care that resources are not only consumed, but also preserved and developed, Latvijas Gāze, as a responsible and reliable company, follows the principles of sustainability in its operations. Our goal is to work to provide a favourable environment for future generations to grow and develop, both as individuals and as a community.

Care for society and employees is an important basis for the successful operation of Latvijas Gāze. We pay particular attention to the issues of professional ethics, as well as to the prevention of possible corruption and bribery in all forms of economic activity, both in relation to the services provided and received. In the field of personal data protection, we strictly follow the regulations both at the national and European Union level, and at the same time we take proportionate and proactive measures in order to improve the processes. The values included in the UN Global Compact are integrated into the management and documents regulating management of Latvijas Gāze.


    Health, safety and satisfaction of the employee is a priority of the company. We stand for gender and age equality, good working conditions and the promotion of the health and growth of our employees. Satisfaction of our customers is also important to us, we take care of product development in order to offer our customers the most suitable and cost-effective solutions. The vision of our company is to improve the well-being of society by promoting the use of natural gas as a high-efficiency and clean energy source on the way to climate neutrality.


    Natural gas has an important role to play in achieving climate goals and implementing the Green Deal. Natural gas is replacing less environmentally friendly energy sources and its infrastructure is suitable for the development of environmentally friendly energy sources, such as biomethane and hydrogen, making natural gas the best transition to climate-neutral energy. Latvijas Gāze participates in various initiatives and activities to preserve and improve the environment. We are responsible not only for the services we provide, but also for the environment in which we live and use.


    The company implements transparent management in accordance with the principles of corporate governance and high ethical standards. Latvijas Gāze cooperates with reliable and responsible partners, evaluating their reputation. The company also values its reputation and conducts customer satisfaction surveys to develop its products and offer customers the highest quality services. Our mission is to contribute to the economy of the Baltic region by ensuring reliable, safe and flexible delivery of natural gas for households and businesses at competitive prices. Employees are provided with training on the system of sanctions and anti-money laundering, the risks and the measures to be taken to prevent them.