JSC Latvijas Gāze’s shares have been quoted at the Riga stock exchange since February 15, 1999. At the moment, JSC Latvijas Gāze’s shares are quoted in the Baltic Secondary list of the Nasdaq Riga stock exchange. JSC Latvijas Gāze is included in three commercial indexes: OMX Baltic, OMX Riga and OMX Baltic Energy.

Total number of securities 39 900 000. Number of listed securities 25 328 520.

JSC Latvijas Gāze LEI Code: 097900BGMO0000055872.

Nasdaq & Morningstar: Morningstar Fact Sheet on main financial indicators.

What to do if you already own shares of the JSC "Latvijas Gāze"?

The JSC "Latvijas Gāze" urges you to check if you haven't forgotten about your Latvijas Gāze shares purchased through privatisation. If you find that you do own such shares, you should check personally or via a trusted person the current value of the shares and the accrued dividend amount.

Information on whether you own such never-used shares may be received by arriving in person at the stock exchange (Nasdaq CSD office) at 1 Vaļņu Street, Riga, 1st and 2nd floor, and presenting an identity document.

Since the moment of privatisation or share purchase the owner is due a dividend (your part of the profit) now totalling to approximately 10 EUR for each share owned. In order to claim the dividends, go to a bank as soon as the stock exchange has approved your ownership of such shares, open a securities account and ask them to transfer your shares to it. Should you have any uncertainties, feel free to ask an employee of either the stock exchange or the bank for advice.

Lastly, if you also wish to sell the shares themselves, we still suggest that you consult an employeee of your bank or brokerage firm, or a trusted person, not relying on statements by unknown individuals regarding the value - or rather the lack thereof - of your shares.

If you find that Latvijas Gāze shares might have been owned by a person who is deceased and you are an heir of such person, you should approach a sworn notary with a request to update the certificate of succession.