On 1 May 2023, the natural gas market is fully open. This means that Latvijas Gāze continues to provide its customers with natural gas at the market price, instead of the methodology approved by the Public Services Regulatory Commission.

As a market product, we offer the UNIVERSAL service, developed in accordance with the new MK regulations no. 78 because it has several advantages.


The UNIVERSAL service has reduced natural gas prices by 37% for cooking and by 24% for heating.

Natural gas prices from 1 May:

Natural gas prices from 1 June:

Advantageous natural gas price

Suitable both if you use natural gas for cooking and heating, as the natural gas price is differentiated depending on the annual consumption for up to 250 m3 (up to 2 635 kWh) and over 250 m3 (over 2 635.1 kWh)

Protection against price swings on the stock exchange

The price of natural gas is fixed for 6 months, which provides security and will make it easier to plan expenses

No need to renew the contract

Existing Latvijas Gāze customers, who had a contract with Latvijas Gāze as of April 30, do not need to change the contract for the UNIVERSAL service - natural gas is supplied on the basis of amendments to the Energy Law.

No early termination fee

Open-ended contract

The total charge for natural gas consists of five components: the price of natural gas, the transmission charge – exit point, the distribution charge (variable part and fixed charge), excise duty and VAT 21%. The price of natural gas is the only component that differs between traders.

State determined and regulated tariffs
Transmission – starting point
AS Conexus Baltic Grid
0.0019297 EUR/kWh
Distribution – fixed fee 
AS Gaso
The fixed part depending on the permitted load:
Permitted load, m3/hDistribution - fixed payment (without VAT), EUR/month
Distribution - fixed payment (with VAT), EUR/month
Until 63.303.99
6,1 - 109.0911.00
10,1 - 1614.5217.57
16,1 - 2522.1526.80
25,1 - 4032.9039.81

The fixed payment will be charged on a monthly basis, regardless of absence or presence of actual consumption.
The permitted maximum load value is displayed on each meter (Qmax).

Distribution – variable fee AS GasoThe tariff of the variable part depends on the consumption group:
0 - 2635 kWh
(0 - 250 m³)
2635.1 - 263450 kWh
(250.01 - 25000 m³)
Excise tax

Excise rates

0.00165 EUR/kWh
VAT 21% 
Value Added Tax rates
The total payment for natural gas is charged with VAT of 21%.

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