Natural gas price is set in a market, whereas other service charges and taxes are regulated by national laws.

Total amount of payment is equal the sum of the following components:

Natural gas

The price of natural gas depends on the selected product. It may be fixed for a specific time period or linked to a European gas exchange.

Distribution system service

Provides the delivery of natural gas to the customer's border. The tariffs are divided into eight groups, depending on the annual consumption of natural gas and are available on the website of distribution system operator Gaso.

Transportation system service

Conexus Baltic Grid services, that provide the transport of natural gas through main pipelines.

Storage system service

Conexus Baltic Grid services, that provide natural gas storage in the Inčukalns underground gas storage facility.

Excise tax

Changes depending on the purpose of use. Rates are available here.

Value added tax

The total payment for natural gas is charged with VAT of 21%.