To strengthen the position of Latvijas Gāze Group as a leader in the Latvian and the Baltic energy market by becoming the natural gas supplier of first choice for customers and by ensuring the most stable supply of natural gas for Baltic region. 


To improve people's live through delivering natural gas for a variety of purposes in different segments and to promote the advancement of natural gas as a key source of energy for the benefit of society.


To contribute to the Baltic region's economy by ensuring the reliable, safe and flexible supply of natural gas to households and enterprises at competitive prices. 



The first lighting gas plant for the illumination of city streets with 678 gas lanterns was established in Riga.

The gas plant was established in the place where the site of Latvijas Gāze is located now.

The total length of gas network pipelines exceeds 130 km.

Natural gas was injected into the Inčukalns underground gas storage facility for the first time.

Consumption of natural gas in Latvia reached a record level — almost 3 billion m³ per year.

The company Latvijas Gāze was founded.

E.ON Ruhrgas, Gazprom and ITERA Latvija became the major shareholders of the company.

Latvijas Gāze invested 240 million in development of the company and completed construction of the 1400 km-long natural gas mine.

In 2016 the first stage of Latvijas Gāze reorganization took place and in January, 2017 Conexus Baltic Grid was established.

On April 3, 2017 opening of the natural gas market for legal entities happened.

In December, 2017 the distribution system operator — Gaso — was established through the second stage of the reorganisation process of Latvijas Gāze.