Payment must be made by the 20th date of the following month.

In the customer portal
  • The most convenient way to make a payment is through the CUSTOMER PORTAL
    In the customer portal, you can always access up-to-date information on the payment amount, overpayment or unpaid amount, as well as the payment history and payment documents.

On our website

  • MAKE A PAYMENT by indicating the subscriber or contract number. By using this type of payment, it is also possible to pay the bill of another customer, such as that of your parents or grandparents.

Payment can only be made for an address, that has an active natural gas trade agreement. If the agreement has been terminated and you have to pay the final invoice, we invite you to do so on the customer portal or using another payment option.

Other types of payments

  • In the internet bank (bank accounts)
  • In the stores Maxima, Narvesen, bank branches and Latvijas pasts offices

When making payments, specify the subscriber number in the payment purpose. If you make a payment for several items, please indicate the number of the subscriber of each item and the amount of the payment. If payments are delayed, late payment interest is calculated at 0.15% of the amount due for each day of delay.

Payment methods


This type of payment involves receiving a monthly bill based on your actual consumption or consumption calculated by Gaso. The main advantage is clear payments, you will know how much you have to pay every month.

  • You should report meter readings monthly from the 27th of the current month to the 1st working day of the following month. If the meter readings are not reported within the specified time, the bill will be based on the consumption as calculated by distribution system operator AS Gaso. The meter readings should also be provided if you have not consumed natural gas.
  • You will receive a bill by the 10th - 15th of the following month via e-mail and on the customer portal free of charge, or by post . The monthly fee for sending the bill by post in accordance with the price-list published on (currently, it is €1.00).
  • Make yor payment by the 20th of the following month.
BALANCED PAYMENT (until 31.03.2023)

This payment type provides paying the same fixed amount for 12 months (may be a different number of months), which is calculated taking into account the forecasted average monthly consumption and valid tariffs at the time of determining the Balanced Payment. So, it is the payment forecast for the next period.

At the end of the reporting period, a recalculation is made for these 12 months, in which the amount of natural gas actually consumed by the customer is compared with the paid amount. If more was spent than predicted or the price of natural gas has risen, the report will calculate the unpaid amount that must be paid within the specified term. In turn, if the price of natural gas has decreased, or the actual consumption has been lower than predicted, then an overpayment will be calculated and the future payments will be reduced by the overpaid amount specified in the report.

This type of payment is convenient as long as the tariffs do not change significantly every six months, because then at the end of the period there should not be large difference and the payable amount, which must be paid by a certain date. However, in the last year and a half, the price of natural gas on the stock exchange began to rise sharply, so in order to promote the understanding of customers about the payments to be made and to give them the opportunity to follow them every month, without postponing the search for solutions for a later time, we made the decision to cancel this type of payment, switching to payments based on monthly invoices.

This payment method is available to existing Balanced Payment customers until 31.03.2023, by filling out an application to keep it. New contracts are concluded only with the invoice form of payment.

Information about the process of changing the payment method

Application for keeping the Balanced Payment (the application period has ended)


In the case of an overpayment, it is transferred to the next payment of the settlement period and the amount for payment will be indicated in the next payment document considering the overpayment. You do not have to make any payments until they are covered by the overpaid amount.

If you want to transfer the overpayment to another subscriber number, please fill in the overpayment application and send it to us in the customer portal or to the e-mail address:

If the owner or tenant of the property changes and if you have an overpayment and you are not going to renew the contract with Latvijas Gāze for another address, please fill in and send us an application for termination of the contract and application for the transfer or payout of an overpayment indicating all the information for the transfer of the overpaid amount to your current account. If the overpaid amount is more than EUR 300, please send the application for termination of the contract to the e-mail with a secure electronic signature or by mail, addressing the letter to AS “Latvijas Gāze”, 20 Vagonu Street, Riga, LV -1009.

Annual report via e-mailYou will receive a annual report for consumed natural gas to the e-mail address specified by you. The annual report will also be available on the e-portal.Free of charge
Annual report via mailYou will receive a annual report for consumed natural gas to the mail address specified by you.Free of charge

Receiving the invoice via email

You will receive a monthly invoice for the natural gas consumed to the e-mail address you provide. The invoice will also be available on the customer portal.

Free of charge

Receiving the invoice via mail*

You will receive a monthly invoice for the natural gas consumed to the address you provide.

EUR 1.00*

Receiving an invitation to report meter readings via e-mailYou will receive an invitation to report the meter reading of the natural gas to the e-mail address you provided.Free of charge

Receiving a Debt Processing Letter by Email

Receiving a reminder email for the outstanding payment amount.

Free of charge

Receiving a Debt Processing Letter (reminder, warning) by mail.

Receiving a Reminder or Warning Letter for the outstanding payment amount by mail.

from 1 January 2020 -  EUR 1.00

Cost per letter incl. VAT 21%

* Receipt of an invoice by mail for customers whose average monthly consumption of natural gas in the gasified object in a 12-month period is:
1) more than 42 kWh/month (4 m3/month) – free of charge until December 31, 2022;
2) less than or equal to 42 kWh/month (4 m3/month) – free of charge until April 30, 2023.