On 29 September 2021, Latvijas Gāze participated in the conference ‘HEAT SUPPLY 2021: Purposeful Achievement of Climate Objectives in Latvian Towns’ (orig. – SILTUMAPGĀDE 2021: mērķtiecīgai klimata mērķu sasniegšanai Latvijas pilsētās) organised by Dienas Bizness, in which the global conditions affecting the natural gas market and price changes both globally and locally were discussed.


To make our customers’ daily lives easier and to simplify paying their bills, we take care to ensure a convenient and affordable payment service. When developing the available services, we think of both customers who use all services digitally and those who like to make payments in cash.


The saying ‘chariots are made in winter and sleds in summer’ reminds us of popular wisdom. Therefore, now, before the start of the heating season, it is the right time to maintain the boiler and system, water heater and to evaluate other energy consumption habits, as well as to perform well-thought-out work to reduce costs and improve the energy efficiency of the home.