We asked. You answered.

At the end of 2021, we conducted an annual customer satisfaction and loyalty survey in cooperation with the research agency RAIT. We are grateful for the great response from our customers, valuable suggestions, feedback, and their openness. We would like to provide feedback on the findings of the survey.

We chose telephone interviews as our research method, and we are pleased that more than 300 of our business customers dedicated their time to answer the questions.

In general, representatives of the companies surveyed are satisfied with our company. 86% are convinced that Latvijas Gāze is the right/appropriate service provider for their company and more than 80% of all customers plan to use our services in the future as well. Unfortunately, in 2021, the loyalty of our business customers has been greatly affected by the sharp rise in the price of natural gas, and this has also caused dissatisfaction and additional questions. We have repeatedly stated that various global conditions, which Latvijas Gāze cannot control, caused a sharp rise in prices, because of which the price of natural gas was almost 6 times higher at the end of 2021 than at the beginning of 2021, and these trends continue in the beginning of 2022.

More on the reasons for the rise in natural gas prices in 2021

What did you value the most?

The most frequent positive evaluations indicate the provision of quality services, the quality of service, and the development of cooperative relationships. Satisfaction was also boosted by the reliability, stability, competence and responsiveness of the employees of the company, as well as the belief that every customer is valuable. Many praised our work to ensure continuity of cooperation during the pandemic.

What should be improved?

We have gathered our customers' views on what worries them most and what should be improved:

  • Conditions and justification for the price formation
  • Customer Portal issues
  • Customer service availability
  • Informing customers about the current events in the natural gas market

We will consider the suggestions and instructions of our customers as we continue to work on the improvement of the services: development of the Customer Portal, improvement of customer service and customer awareness of the current events and trends in the natural gas market. We have set these as priority directions for our development in 2022.

We have also received suggestions that we are unfortunately unable to implement or influence. For example, we cannot improve the timeliness of invoicing. Now, the procedure for issuing and sending invoices is maximally efficient, and our customers receive them the next day after we have received the consumption data from the distribution system operator Gaso. Even faster invoicing is not physically possible.

We are working on expansion of our team

In the survey of last year, many of you said that we were difficult to reach, and here, we want to point out that your feedback is driving the changes, so since the beginning of the year, we are already working hard to expand our customer service team and to ensure that you are served by enthusiastic and professional customer service specialists daily, who will be both your guide in everyday issues and essential support.

Every year, we analyse the habits and needs of our customers. It helps us to better understand our customers and make appropriate business decisions to improve our service. Your feedback helps us understand what is important to you and what we can do to improve our performance. Therefore, we would like to thank all our customers who participated in the customer satisfaction survey once again and we look forward to the same response in the customer satisfaction survey in 2022!

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