Customers will now receive SMS reminders about late payments

Latvijas Gāze customers who will not make a payment by the 20th of each month will receive a reminder on their phone - we will send an SMS.

Following suggestions from our customers, from January this year, we have started sending reminders to customers who have forgotten to make their monthly payment. Customers will see 67 869 866 or as the sender of the SMS, but this does not change the essence of the information - the content of the SMS is correct. Customers who have not paid by the 20th of each month will receive an SMS - both those who pay by the Balanced Payment method and those who receive a Bill each month.

We will also periodically send out an SMS inviting you to report your meter readings.

Please note that the most convenient way to make a payment is through the customer portal or, without authorisation on our website by indicating the customer's subscriber or contract number. Other types of payments are also available to customers.

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