When planning and implementing marketing activities, Latvijas Gāze complies with the binding legislative framework of the European Union, the principles of lawfulness, truthfulness, impartiality, fair advertising practices, and fair competition defined in the Satversme of the Republic of Latvia and other regulatory enactments.

  • Latvijas Gāze promotes brand credibility and recognition, paying special attention to responsible, sustainable, and transparent business practices.
  • When implementing marketing activities, Latvijas Gāze considers the values, mission, vision, and goals of the company, offering customers professional service and quality products.
  • Latvijas Gāze invests time and financial resources to develop the offered products and services to promote the competitiveness of the company.
  • Latvijas Gāze’s responsibly complies with the regulations adopted in the state and in the European Union regarding the protection of personal data and their use for communication purposes.
  • Latvijas Gāze educates and informs its customers on the use, safety, and other relevant product-related issues.
  • The company regularly conducts research and surveys to understand the needs and wishes of its customers.
  • Latvijas Gāze collects and analyses customer complaints and suggestions, provides feedback, and makes improvements.
  • Communication materials are developed responsibly so as not to promote discrimination, hatred, or aggression in any way.
  • The content and distribution of the communication materials are ensured so that all customers, regardless of age, nationality, and place of residence, receive the most important information.