A natural gas trade contract may be entered into by a person who has the ownership, use, or possession rights of the Object. 

In the event of a change of the ownership or tenant of the property, the former user of natural gas shall terminate his obligations and the new user shall conclude a contract for the use of natural gas.

The fastest and most convenient way to enter into a contract is to do it electronically

Conclude a contract

Within a few days of completing the application, you will receive a contract for your approval.

If you do not have the opportunity to fill in the contract application online, please download and fill in the application for the conclusion of the contract and send it to the e-mail address: info@lg.lv

If the contract with JSC Latvijas Gāze has not been terminated by the previous user, the owner of the gasified object shall submit the owner's consent to enter into the contract (consent to the conclusion of the contract - Owner of the gasified object legal entity).

What to do if the object has no connection for natural gas?

Before concluding a contract with us, you must contact the distribution system operator Gaso to find out what is needed to install a new gas connection, whether there are gas pipelines nearby, and what the connection costs will be.