A natural gas trade contract may be entered into by a person who has the ownership, use, or possession rights of the Object. 

The fastest and most convenient way to enter into a contract is to do it electronically. We will send the contract within 5 working days (by filling in the Application online) to the e-mail address provided by you.

Concude a contract

A new contract

If you do not have access to the Internet bank or eSignature, you can conclude the contract by filling in the Application for the conclusion of a contract and sending a scanned or photographed version of the signed form to the e-mail address info@lg.lv, or by post to address: 6 Aristida Briāna Street, Riga, Latvia, LV-1001 - We will then prepare and send you a contract to the e-mail or postal address specified by you.

What to do if the property is for sale?

In the event of a change of the ownership or tenant of the property, the former user of natural gas shall terminate his obligations and the new user shall conclude a contract for the use of natural gas. If the contract with Latvijas Gāze has not been terminated by the previous user, the owner of the gasified object shall submit the owner's consent to enter into the contract (consent to the conclusion of the contract - Owner of the gasified object legal entity).

Previous user

  1. Together with the new user fills in and signs a statement recording the readings;
  2. Submits the statement to Latvijas Gāze together with a completed and signed application for termination of the Contract (by mail or by e-mail);
  3. Pays for the services upon receipt of the report. Please beware, we will be able to make the final calculation and send you a payment document only in the following month after the termination of the contract, after we have received the information on gas consumption at the address from GASO. In accordance with the laws and regulations, the natural gas consumed during the billing period is determined by the kWh distribution system operator GASO by multiplying the amount of natural gas in m3 with the monthly weighted average calorific value in the calorific value zone, therefore it is not possible to calculate gas consumption before that
What to do when buying a property?
  1. Together with the previous user fills in and signs a statement recording the readings;
  2. Submits the statement to Latvijas Gāze upon concluding the Contract.
What should I do if I want to use natural gas in my home?

The construction or improvement of housing is a rather complex process, and there are many important issues to consider before buying a house or starting construction. The five most important steps for installing a natural gas supply in your home are listed below.

It is important to remember that you need to start thinking about the possibilities of connecting gas heating in advance, because you must consider the preparation and submission of documents and the time planned for installation.

If you have decided in favour of using natural gas in your home, you can entrust all formalities and installation work to a gas heating connection design and construction company, or, as far as possible, carry out the work yourself.


  1. Find out if there are distribution or street gas pipelines near your property that provide gas supply to the nearest houses. If you are not sure, contact GASO (the only natural gas distribution system operator in Latvia). The installation of a gas connection to your property depends on the location of the gas pipeline. The closer the gas pipeline is, the greater the chances that the gas will reach your property and the construction costs of the connection will be lower.
  2. If the answer from GASO is positive, and the supply of gas to your house is possible, a request must be submitted to GASO so that the company develops the technical regulations for the design and construction of the internal pipelines. To connect natural gas to the heating of the apartment, written consent of the other apartments or owner of the house is required; for non-privatised apartments – permission of the owner of the house is required. In some municipalities, e.g., Riga, it is mandatory to obtain a ‘Municipal permit for the use of natural gas for heating’ (In Riga, it can be obtained from the Riga City Council Heat Supply Commission).
  3. Once the technical regulations have been issued by GASO, a licensed design and construction company can be engaged to carry out the installation work.
  4. Upon completion of the construction, the construction company must obtain a GASO certificate on the quality of the work and an opinion on the readiness of the pipelines for operation.
  5. At this point, you must conclude a natural gas trade contract. The fastest and most convenient way to enter into a contract is to do it electronically. We will send the contract (by filling in the application online) to the e-mail address provided by you within 15 working days. We will notify GASO that you are ready to receive the service, and a GASO specialist will contact you to arrange a time for the work to be completed.
How to come from another trader?

If you currently purchase natural gas from another trader, but you want to enter into a contract with Latvijas Gāze, please fill in the application online or send the application for the conclusion of the contract to the e-mail address info@lg.lv

If you conclude the contract by the 15th of the current month, the contract will take effect from the 1st of the next month. However, if you conclude the contract starting from the 16th of the current month, the contract will enter into force on the 1st of the following month.

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According to the Natural Gas Trade and Use Regulations Nr. 78, Article No. 30: "The user shall inform the natural gas trader about the termination of the natural gas trade Contract five working days in advance, in accordance with the procedures specified in these Regulations and the trade Contract."