The object has
a connection for natural gas
The object has no
connection for natural gas

If you want to start using natural gas in the property, where it was used before by someone else (the owner has changed).

1. Submitting documents

It is possible to submit the documents by:

  • Sending the documents to or by mail  to address: 6 Aristida Briāna Street, Riga, Latvia, LV-1001 (the documents must be signed).
  • Using the e-signature.

2. Contract signing

We will prepare 2 copies of the contract and send them for signing.

For the contract to become effective, it must be signed by both parties:

  • Using the e-signature.
  • Sending by mail (two signed copies of the contract should be sent).
  • Contact us to receive the offer
  • Receive the offer
  • Sign the contract by the 15th date
  • Use natural gas from the 1st day of the following month

You want to install a new natural gas connection.

Before concluding a contract with us, you must contact the distribution system operator Gaso to find out what is needed to install a new gas connection, whether there are gas pipelines nearby, what the connection costs will be.

What will you receive if you choose to cooperate with us?
  • An individual approach that will suit the specific needs of your business the best
  • Competitive natural gas price
  • A secure partner, which has worked in the field of natural gas since 1991
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