Latvijas Gāze – a reliable partner for already 30 years

The history of the gas supply of Latvia goes back more than 150 years, but the company as it is known today was established 30 years ago, after Latvia regained its independence.

The state-owned company Latvijas Gāze was registered on 25 March 1991, after Latvia regained its independence and the government took over all gas supply infrastructure in Latvia. At that time, the situation in the state was unstable and complicated, so the issues of the future gas supply of Latvia were addressed at the highest level. With the restoration of the independence of Latvia and new economic conditions in the state, the newly established gas company had to adapt to the new situation and to try to approach world standards in gas procurement. The start was very difficult, as Latvijas Gāze had to lend gas to consumers for a long time. The number of clients decreased due to rising prices, rapid inflation and monetary reform made the situation even worse, because of which the company suffered heavy losses. In 1992, revenue was stabilised and the first gas supply agreement for Latvia was signed.

The gasification of Latvia, which had already begun in the Soviet Union, continued in the 1990s. A new main gas pipeline was built, in many large cities, 50,000 apartments were connected to the natural gas supply. Major changes also affected the legal status of Latvijas Gāze, as in the period from 1997 to 2002, the company was privatized and became a joint stock company.

Every company, like a person, has a place in the country and in society. With the growing importance of Latvijas Gāze in the national economy, the public role of the company also was extended. Latvijas Gāze not only made large investments in the development of the Latvian gas system, but also made and continues to make a great contribution to the development of culture and sports by supporting various projects and activities important to society, thus, contributing to a better life and future.

Currently, Latvijas Gāze is an experienced and reliable company that has the leading position in the Latvian and Baltic energy markets. Our tasks are to improve people's lives by supplying natural gas for various purposes in different segments, to promote the emergence of natural gas as an important energy source for the benefit of the society, to contribute to the economy of the Baltics and to preserve the environment so that the resources are not only consumed.

Egīls Lapsalis, Head of the Sales Department, has been working at Latvijas Gāze for 22 years

“Having worked in the company for so long, I have experienced its transformation several times. When I started working for Latvijas Gāze, the functions of storage, distribution, and trade were separated. Later, all those functions were combined, thus, all processes were in order, the management was improved, and gas supply in Latvia was organized centrally. After the Saeima passed amendments to the Energy Law in 2016, providing for the right of users to choose a gas supplier and stipulating that the company must separate gas transmission and storage from distribution and trade, the company was reorganized, because of which functions were redistributed. Transmission and storage are the responsibility of AS Conexus Baltic Grid, but since 2017, AS Gaso has been engaged in distribution.

 The time I have spent at Latvijas Gāze and the changes I have experienced have given me an advantage to other market participants, as I have versatile and technical knowledge about all gas supply processes starting from the delivery and storage to its distribution and trade. During this time, valuable contacts have also been established and a significant customer portfolio has been created. All this enables us to see and analyse more fully what is happening in the natural gas market to offer our clients the most convenient and cost-effective solutions.”

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