Latvijas Gāze now has a dedicated website for Estonian customers as well

For the convenience of Estonian customers, we have created a website with current offers particularly for the participants of this natural gas market.

Along with the creation of the Baltic single market area consisting of Latvia, Estonia and Finland and the opening of the Finnish-Estonian transmission interconnector Baltic Connector on 1 January 2020, natural gas transportation across the region has become easier and more accessible, creating new opportunities for both natural gas traders and users.

“Last year Latvijas Gāze sales outside Latvia reached 28% of the total sales. We have been trading natural gas to Estonian customers since 2019, and our future plans include increasing sales in this market. Therefore, for the convenience of Estonian customers, in March of this year we launched a website, where you can find relevant information and offers to customers of this market share,” as explained by Jānis Kalējs, the wholesale manager of Latvijas Gāze.

Visit the Estonian website:

Iepriekšējie jaunumi


Due to the expiration of the term of office of three Board members in August 15, 2021, Latvijas Gāze makes changes in the composition of the Board which will take effect on August 16, 2021.


In 2020, Latvijas Gāze group succeeded in attaining a positive result despite the challenges brought on by the market conditions. The Group’s net turnover in 2020 reached 190.5 million EUR, EBITDA amounted to 26.5 million EUR. The Group’s net profit for 2020 was 11.2 million EUR.