New! Register on the customer portal via e-mail

For customer convenience, in addition to the already existing types of registration, such as authorisation with Internet banking and eSignature, we have also made it possible to register by using an e-mail address and password.

Continuing our work on the development of the customer portal, we have introduced the possibility to register via e-mail. Just like for the other types of authentication, eSignature and Internet banking, using an e-mail for registration is only possible if you have an active contract with us.

To register on the customer portal via e-mail, click on the "Register via e-mail" link in the login view. A registration form will open and, once you have filled it in, you will receive a confirmation link to your provided e-mail address. To complete the registration, please activate the link. In the future, you will be able to connect to the customer portal using Internet banking, eSignature, or e-mail.

Please note that from the moment you register on the customer portal, you will receive your payment documents to your registered e-mail address and also have access to them on the customer portal at any time. This means that if you previously received payment documents by post, they will no longer be sent by post.

Customer portal options

  • The INVOICES section of the customer portal allows you to see the current payment amount and to pay immediately - simply and conveniently, using Internet banking or a payment card. Here you will also see your payment history, and have the option to download invoices and reports (depending on your form of payment);
  • The READINGS section allows you to submit your meter readings (from the 27th of the month to the 1st working day of the following month);
  • The PROFILE section allows you to correct your contact information and password, and to choose whether you want to receive special offers;
  • The USERS section allows you to add additional users and set their access rights. The additional user will receive an e-mail informing that they have been added to your profile and a link that must be activated by the specified time, to the e-mail address specified by you. The option to add an additional user is a convenient way to manage information related to natural gas invoices and is often used by landlords or family members;
  • The SEND MESSAGE section allows you to contact our customer support, submit electronically signed documents, and ask questions.

Why register on the customer portal?

  • Have quick and convenient access to invoices on the customer portal from anywhere, and at any time;
  • Pay your bills with no commission fees;
  • Report meter readings conveniently;
  • Receive your invoice by e-mail and on the customer portal faster than a paper invoice in the post;
  • Save the environment by choosing to receive electronic payment documents and reminders.

Iepriekšējie jaunumi


Customers who have experienced a delay in receiving their annual consumption reports earlier this year will receive them by the end of March. These reports have already been sent to most customers. From 2021 Consumption reports will be visually and substantively different from those previously received.


Due to government restrictions on store occupancy, bills can be paid in the Maxima store chain from 8:00 to 10:00 and from 20:00 to 22:00