Latvijas Gāze provides support to the Latvian Foster Family Association

Latvijas Gāze donated computer equipment to the Latvian Foster Family Association.

The company's Board has decided to support families by donating much needed computers, thus providing help, joy and new opportunities for children in Latvian foster families.

Latvijas Gāze has donated 25 pieces of equipment – stationary computers. The computers used by the company's employees thus got a second life, becoming important support for the learning process and daily needs of a Latvian foster family. Although the equipment is used, it is in good working order, which the company's IT specialists have taken care of by providing new keyboards and computer mice to ensure that everything is suitable for daily use.

The mission of the Latvian Foster Family Association is to promote and support the upbringing of orphans and children left without parental care. As the Association points out, this could not be done without partners and supporters. It is therefore grateful to those who share its conviction that only in a family environment, in an atmosphere of love and understanding, can full personalities with the skills necessary for life be formed.

Latvijas Gāze IT Infrastructure Manager: “We are pleased to be able to provide support. Often access to electronic services is a challenge due to a lack of technology, also in families, and the family is an important support point in society, so we are confident that the donated hardware will be useful.”

The Latvian Foster Family Association has been active since 1994 and its main task is to provide moral, psychological and material support to families who have taken on the task of raising children left without parental care. The Association looks after 1800 children in 200 families. Adopting and raising an orphan is a serious decision that brings with it various challenges. This is why the support of the association is particularly important for foster parents.

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