New distribution system service tariffs of the natural gas distribution system operator AS Gaso have entered into force as of 1 January 2024

At the 19 December 2023 meeting of the Council of the Public Utilities Commission, changes to the tariffs of Gaso for the tariff period from 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2024 were approved. The new tariffs for the distribution system service will be visible in the bills in February 2024 for natural gas consumed in January.

Changes have been made to both distribution system service tariffs:

  • The fixed payment depends on the permitted load of the connection to the gasified object. The fixed payment is included in the bill each month, regardless of whether there has been any consumption. The indication of the permitted load is displayed on the meter (Qmax).
Permitted load, m3/hDistribution – fixed payment including VAT 21% EUR/month
until 31.12.2023
Distribution – fixed payment including VAT 21% EUR/month from 01.01.2024
Up to 63.995.59
6,1-1011.00 14.90
  • The variable payment depends on the annual volume of natural gas consumed. The annual volume of natural gas consumed determines the appropriate tariff group for the object.

The increase in the variable part of the tariff is influenced by changes in the three-year average natural gas consumption.

Natural gas consumption per year0-2635 kWh2635.1 – 5269 kWh
Distribution – variable part EUR/kWh
(excluding VAT) until 31.12.2023
Distribution – variable part EUR/kWh

(excluding VAT) until 01.01.2024

The tariff changes mean that the fixed monthly payment for customers using natural gas for cooking – with a permitted load of up to 6 m3/h – will increase by EUR 1.32 excluding VAT per month in 2024, while the variable part of the tariff will increase by EUR 0.006 excluding VAT per MWh, or by EUR 0.06 excluding VAT per cubic metre. For customers using natural gas for heating, with an average monthly consumption of 2500 kilowatt hours (KWh) during the heating season, the average monthly payment will increase by EUR 9.32 excluding VAT.

The tariffs of Gaso for 2024 have been calculated taking into account objective circumstances – the number of natural gas users, the decrease in natural gas consumption and unforeseen costs due to the increase in natural gas prices.

The services of the distribution operator Gaso only represent a part of the total payment for natural gas. For households, the total payment for natural gas consists of five components – the price of natural gas, which is affected by fluctuations in the price of the resource on world markets; transmission charges; distribution operator services; and excise and value-added taxes, which are regulated by the state. Natural gas price is set by the free market, and it fluctuates depending on the global situation, as it is linked to the European gas exchange indices.

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