Changes to the tariffs of the distribution system operator Gaso are planned from 1 January 2023.

The tariff changes are due both to the increase in natural gas prices on global markets and to a significant decrease in the volume of natural gas delivered to users, which has had a significant impact on Gaso's operating results.

The new tariffs for natural gas distribution services, submitted by the system operator Gaso to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) on 24 November, include increases for both the variable and the fixed parts of the tariffs.

Fixed part of the tariffs

Most of Gaso's costs (reconstruction and maintenance of gas pipelines and distribution facilities, emergency services, salaries of technicians, etc.) are fixed, resulting in a 22% increase in the fixed part of the tariff for household users.

Permitted load, m3/h

Distribution – fixed fee excluding VAT 21% until 31.12.2022.

Distribution – fixed fee excluding VAT 21% from 01.01.2023.

Distribution – fixed fee including VAT 21% until 31.12.2022.

Distribution – fixed fee including VAT 21% from 01.01.2023.

Up to 6

2.70 EUR/month

3.30 EUR/month

3.27 EUR/month

3.99 EUR/month


7.43 EUR/month

9.08 EUR/month

8.99 EUR/month

10.99 EUR/month


11.87 EUR/month

14.51 EUR/month

14.36 EUR/month

17.56 EUR/month


18.11 EUR/month

22.14 EUR/month

21.91 EUR/month

26.79 EUR/month


26.90 EUR/month

32.90 EUR/month

32.55 EUR/month

39.81 EUR/month

Please note that the fixed fee is payable on a monthly basis, regardless of whether or not natural gas has been consumed in the household. The indication of the permitted load is displayed on the meter (marked Qmax).

Variable part of the tariffs

The increase in the variable part of the tariff differs for each consumption group and varies from 20% – 27%. The increase in the variable part of the tariff is influenced by changes in the three-year average natural gas consumption.

Natural gas consumption per year

0 – 2635 kWh

2635.1 – 5269 kWh

5269.10 – 263 450 kWh

Distribution – variable part EUR/MWh
(excluding VAT) until 31.12.2022




Distribution – variable part EUR/MWh
(excluding VAT) until 01.01.2023




The services of the distribution operator Gaso only represent a part of the total payment for natural gas. For households, it consists of five components: the price of natural gas, which is affected by fluctuations in the price of the resource on world markets and is calculated according to the methodology approved by the PUC, the fee for transmission services, calculated by Conexus Baltic Grid and agreed with the PUC, excise duty and value added tax, which are regulated by the State, and the distribution operator's services.

Current natural gas tariffs valid until 31.12.2022

Information in the bills

The new tariffs for the distribution operator's services will be visible in the bills received in February 2023 for natural gas consumed in January. The fixed fee and the variable part, depending on the consumption of natural gas, of the new distribution operator Gaso, will be shown in the bill details.

Customers who pay for their natural gas using the Balanced Payment method will not be receiving the new Balanced Payment amounts. This means that the tariff changes will be taken into account when preparing the final annual report in April next year. As a reminder, the Balanced Payment schedule is valid until 31.03.2023.

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