Implementation of energy efficiency in business activities

Olavs Ķiecis, Business Development Manager of Latvijas Gāze, shares energy efficiency tips to business clients

The use of energy resources differs significantly between companies of different industries. Energy efficiency is aimed both at using energy-saving equipment and preventing energy losses, and also improving the engineering condition of buildings. “That's why energy saving - with the aim of saving energy, should be viewed from the point of view of its nature of usage”, says Olavs Ķiecis, Business Development Manager of Latvijas Gāze.

For example, in a hotel, natural gas is used for heating in a completely different way than in a food and metal processing company, and even more differently in a chemical industry company. The use of natural gas can be simply divided into two groups:

- natural gas for heating

- natural gas for the company's technological processes.

Natural gas for heating

If natural gas is used for heating, the principles of saving for companies are very similar to those for households.

  1. Accounting and analysis. Initially, before creating an action plan, it should be clarified, how much you want to save, that is, you need to understand how efficiently natural gas is being consumed currently. If the company has a single gas meter, it is easy to determine the total consumption of the resources, but the essence usually lies in the details. It is definitely important to know the consumption of each room and building separately, and only then is it possible to determine what can be done without investing large funds. One option is to install additional thermometers and monitor each room separately. This will provide information for drawing further conclusions and making the necessary improvements. In addition, it would be necessary to determine the energy efficiency class of buildings, which means determining the amount of energy needed in the building. These first steps will give you an idea of the status quo.
  2. Change of habits. The fastest and easiest way is to reduce the temperature in the rooms when no employees are located in them. Often, reducing the temperature by even 1 degree provides significant savings of resources.
  3. Insulation. Insulation of buildings and engineering communications is a long-term investment, but provides one of the most significant reductions in the amount of consumed energy resources.
  4. Restoration and correct use of engineering systems. It is important to choose a heating boiler of appropriate capacity and efficiency. One of the examples is installing heat pumps to provide heating during cool weather, while a gas boiler would provide heat and also heat the water during cold weather, etc.
  5. Carrying out an energy audit and implementing the Energy Management System. Both activities, if properly implemented, will bring great benefits. It would be the best choice to seek help from a professional energy audit company, where specialists in their field will perform accurate measurements with various measuring instruments and recommend the best solutions available on the market. However, good results can also be achieved on one's own - by getting acquainted with widely available information on the internet regarding the mentioned topics.

    Natural gas for the company's technological processes.

    Each company has its own specific situation, but there are also certain general principles that can be applied to all, in addition to the measures already mentioned above.

    1. Digitisation. A more technologically advanced company with a higher degree of automation will achieve the main goals of energy efficiency at the end of the day by excluding the human factor. Why exclude the human factor? Because, for example, the operator of the equipment may forget to reduce the consumption of the equipment to a minimum when they leave for lunch or during night hours.
    2. Renovation and improvement of engineering systems depends on the technological processes of each company, but the use of more efficient equipment, insulation, installation of new and modern programmable equipment will definitely save resources.
    3. Installation of generating capacities – solar panels and mini wind generators. It is a well-known saying that the cheapest energy is the energy we save and do not use. Therefore, if we can produce energy ourselves from renewable resources and replace fossil energy with it, then we can definitely save money in the long term.

      Saving energy is important and beneficial for many reasons. Simple energy saving measures can save money, increase the value of the property and protect the environment. These are great benefits you can gain from saving energy, regardless of your motivation or purpose for saving.

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