The first public CNG filling station has been opened in Riga

Continuing to develop the availability and infrastructure of CNG, or compressed natural gas, on 29 January this year, a Virši refuelling station was opened in Riga, at 102 Lubānas Street, where it is possible to refuel with the environmentally friendly and economical CNG.

It is the first publicly available CNG filling station in Riga and already the second filling station in Latvia. The first CNG filling station was opened at the Virši refuelling station in Jēkabpils last year.

CNG is compressed natural gas consisting mainly of methane. It is a more economical and environmentally friendly fuel alternative. As Latvia participates in the implementation of the climate plan and the achievement of its goals, the use of CNG as a more environmentally friendly energy for transportation, is one of the ways to implement this plan.

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Starting from today, the cars of JSC Latvijas Gāze that run on CNG go onto the streets.


On 1 January 2020, the Estonian-Finnish natural gas interconnector Balticconnector, a bidirectional gas pipeline that connects the natural gas infrastructures of both countries, has entered into commercial use.