The information was updated on 27.12.2022

From 1 July 2022 to 30 April 2023, households with an average monthly consumption of 221 kWh or more will receive state aid for natural gas payments.

Households do not need to apply for the state aid; the reduced fee will be included in the billing documents automatically in accordance with the amount determined by the state.

Period and amount of the state aid 

    • Compensations will be applied for the period from July 2022 to the end of April 2023.
    • The State aid is intended for households with an average consumption of 221 kWh (over 21 m3) per month over a 12-month period.
    • From 1 July 2022 to 30 November 2023, a reduction of the natural gas charge of EUR 0.03/kWh (excluding VAT) is compensated.
    • From October 1, 2022 to November 30, 2023, an additional discount to equalize the price of natural gas to 0.10875 EUR/kWh (without VAT) compensated by the state.
    • From 1 December 2022 to 30 April 2023, there is a cap on the price of natural gas of 0.07875 EUR/kWh (excluding VAT).
    • Current tariffs with state aid

      How will the aid be granted?

      State aid to households will be granted automatically and you will be able to see it in the settlement documents sent by Latvijas Gāze. The reduced price of natural gas can be found in the invoice details under Product/service name Natural gas. Additionally the amount of state aid granted for the current month will be indicated.

      • If you pay for the consumed natural gas using the Invoice method, you will see the state aid granted in your bills every month.
      • If you pay for the consumed natural gas using the Balanced Payment method, you will see the granted state aid when you receive the final report in April next year.

      Meter readings must be submitted every month!

      Please note that during the support period, meter readings will need to be submitted every month from the 27th until the first business day of the next month. The Distribution System Operator Gaso may optionally conduct a physical inspection of the gasified facilities and verify meter readings. If meter readings are found to be incorrect, government support will be denied.

      State aid for households that receive heating services with the involvement of an intermediary

      The government has decided on compensation for the increase in the natural gas price also for those households that receive heating services with the involvement of an intermediary, who is a legal or natural person, such as managers, project developers, owners. State aid is provided with the help of these intermediaries, if it has submitted an application to Latvijas Gāze. Thus, state aid can also be received by apartment buildings, the owner of a row house, manager, project developer, where natural gas is used by households within the framework of mutual contractual obligations. Application for state aid