Decision of extraordinary shareholders' meetings

On July 27, 2023, an extraordinary meeting of shareholders was held,
during which was discussed to reduce the share capital, amend the
articles of association and distribution of undistributed profit for previous year.


1. On reduction of the share capital of joint stock company "Latvijas Gāze" and amendments to the articles of association

    The decision was not taken.

    2. Distribution of the undistributed profit for previous years of the joint stock company “Latvijas Gāze”.

      To pay from the company's undistributed profit of previous years earned after 1 January 2018 dividends in the amount of EUR 109 725 000 or EUR 2.75 per share, with an Ex-date (the day from which the shares are traded without the right to a dividend) of August 10, 2023, August 11, 2023 as the dividend calculation date and August 23, 2023 as the dividend payment date.

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