Some tips on how to protect your home during the holiday

Going on holiday is very exciting! When everything has been booked and paid for, the bags are packed, and it is time to head to the airport, it is comforting to know that you have done everything to protect your home while you are away.

Implementing some additional security measures while the home is empty will give you much-needed peace of mind and will allow you to fully enjoy the vacation you’ve been dreaming about:

1. Unplug all devices!

To avoid electrical fires or power surges, be sure to unplug any appliances that do not operate with a timer, such as TVs, coffee makers, lamps, etc. Also make sure that the smoke detectors are in running order, and that a fire extinguisher is within reach, just in case! Close the interior doors to slow down the spread of smoke and fire. Check whether the boiler and the water heater are functioning properly. It is highly recommended to turn off all the appliances, as well as the water supply.

2. Create the impression that your home is not vacant!

Do not become just another crime statistic! Take steps to give the illusion of someone being at home. Set up timers for lights, radio and TVs so that they would automatically turn on at different times in the morning and evening. Draw the blinds and the curtains as you would usually do, instead of leaving them completely closed — just make sure that they do not reveal expensive furniture or appliances. Ask your neighbour to empty the mailbox.

3. And still, don’t forget to lock everything!

It is easy to remember to lock all the doors before you leave for holiday, but don’t forget to lock all other entries as well, such as windows, balcony doors, and attic windows. If you have automatic garage doors, consider disconnecting the garage door opener, and instead securing the garage door rails with a padlock key. Smart locks can help you control the entrance to your house remotely.

4. Remove the spare key!

Yes, it is possible that you have come up with a really clever idea for a place to hide the spare key, and you have not hidden it under a flowerpot, above the door frame or under that artificial plastic stone. However, a dedicated thief will likely spend a lot of time trying to find the key. Don’t give away your property on a silver platter. Just remove the key before you leave, and ask your neighbour to guard it while you’re away.

5. Inform your neighbours!

Tell a trusted neighbour that you will be leaving for a while, and ask them to watch your house for you. If your pet will be staying at home, consider hiring a pet-sitter who will keep an eye on the house and the animal. While there, the pet-sitter (for example, your relative) can do the house work, including gardening, feeding your pets, watering the plants, and taking out the garbage. This can also ensure that someone is always at home, and repel the thieves.

6. Contact your alarm system provider!

If you have set up an alarm system at your house, you will gain more than just peace of mind. If you have not set up an alarm system yet, consider doing it.

7. Be careful what you share on social media!

It may be tempting to share information or photos of your vacation using social media posts, but it is also an easy way for thieves to find out that you’re far away from home.

To keep away the thieves, abstain from sharing information about your vacation publicly until you return. If you can’t resist the temptation, consider removing geotags from your social media posts using a metadata removal tool, or turn off geotagging on your phone. Make sure that the data-sharing settings are set to “Private” or “Friends only”, and that your data are not publicly available.

Protect what is most important to you! But, in case someone manages to break through all the security systems anyway, make sure that all the items with high sentimental value for you and your family have been stored in a secure hidden place before you leave.

To enjoy each and every second of your well-earned holiday, make sure that you have set up enough security systems to protect your house while you are away. No matter if you ask the neighbour to look after your place, or set up a security system, some simple precautions before you depart will allow you to return to a home that looks exactly as you left it.

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