Latvijas Gāze in the Baltic Gas Market Forum

On 9 November 2021, the 13th Baltic Gas Market Forum, where participants talked about regional infrastructure development projects such as GIPL and ELLI, and shared information regarding the latest developments in the Baltic and Finnish natural gas markets.

Jānis Kalējs, the Head of the Wholesale Department of Latvijas Gāze, participated in the forum, noting the challenges facing natural gas users and traders in the face of record-high natural gas prices and their volatility. According to J. Kalējs, from the price-stable market in 2020, the year 2021 has brought extreme market volatility, with natural gas prices fluctuating even within several tens of EUR/MWh in one day.

Jānis Kalējs also gave his vision and recommendations for improving the operation of the Finnish-Estonian-Latvian single natural gas market and pointed out the remaining challenges affecting trade in connection with the repair of the transmission system and the limited physical flows of natural gas towards the Finnish market. At the same time, Jānis Kalējs welcomed the improved communication and information exchange between the natural gas transmission system operators and national regulatory authorities.

The forum was attended by natural gas transmission operators Conexus Baltic Grid, Amber Grid, Gasgrid Finland, natural gas traders Latvijas Gāze, Ignitis, Eesti Gaas, Suomen Kaasueenergia Oy, as well as by the representatives of the Gas Exchange GET Baltic and Baltic regulators.

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