Latvijas Gāze receives the environmental management certificate ISO 14001

Latvijas Gāze has introduced and implements an environmental management system, thus confirming the company's high standards, the purposeful reduction of its impact on the environment, and responsible management. The company has received the internationally recognised ISO 14001 certificate, which confirms that the environmental management of Latvijas Gāze complies with the international standards and best practices.

Olavs Ķiecis, Head of Business Development of Latvijas Gāze, explained: “In November 2021, the company received the ISO 14001 certificate, which is confirmation of the good environmental management practice implemented by Latvijas Gāze. The company has assessed all internal and external aspects that affect or may affect the environment and implements an effective environmental management system. It covers all aspects and risks, as well as the measures to be taken to reduce or eliminate the impact. It includes caring for the environment at all levels, i.e., in the choice and use of energy sources, in the application of technology, in waste management, as well as in communication solutions, in compliance with stakeholder requirements, and in the range of products offered. The employees of the company are also involved and informed regarding the importance of the implemented environmental management system. With the help of environmental experts, Latvijas Gāze educates employees about responsible business and an environmentally friendly lifestyle, thus, promoting understanding of the impact of both the company and each employee.”

When implementing the principles of sustainability in the company, Latvijas Gāze has set the environment, concern for employees, and transparent management as its priorities. Latvijas Gāze works to provide future generations with an environment in which they can grow and develop.

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