Latvijas Gāze customer service answers the recent most frequently asked questions of our customers

In 2020, we launched ambitious changes to improve internal processes, as well as introduced a new customer service portal and payment system to expand the range of services offered to our customers and meet the independence requirements between the Trader and the Distribution System Operator. These changes have caused customers to have questions, so we have published answers to the recent frequently asked questions.

Why haven’t I received a report? How much should I pay now?

At the end of the previous year, we performed the migration of the largest amount of customer data to the new system, however, we encountered unexpected technical problems that affected the processes we perform daily and to which our customers are accustomed, e.g., regular reporting.

In December, we already sent updated information to some of our customers regarding the payments to be made and reporting deadlines both by e-mail and post.

We have also sent out such letters this month, therefore, our customers are informed regarding the deadline for the receipt of the annual report and what payments should be made by then.

We plan to return to the usual order in the first quarter of this year and then our customers will be able to fully experience all the changes and improvements we are currently working on.

We invite customers to use our customer portal more actively, because there one will find up-to-date information on all payments that shall be made. In the customer portal, it is possible to submit the meter readings and make payments simply and conveniently.

If the portal is not available to the customer, then we encourage customers to make the same payment as before to avoid debt.

Why didn’t I receive a call in December 2020 to report the meter readings when the natural gas tariffs changed?

To make the daily lives of our customers who pay for the consumed natural gas in accordance with the principle of Balanced Payment easier, in the future, the readings shall only be submitted once a year, i.e., prior to the receipt of the annual report.

However, all of our customers can report the meter readings every month starting from the 27th date of the current month to the first working day of the following month. The more frequent the reporting, the more accurate the accounting of natural gas consumption. There are two options for submitting meter readings. The first is also the most convenient – to submit the reading in the customer portal, in the METER READINGS section. The second is by sending a text message in a certain format to the number 155: RAD A00000000 the meter readings, where instead of A00000000, you have to enter the market number of your object (unique identifier, which can be found in the customer portal or in the previous letter of invitation and new annual reports). Instead of the words the meter readings, submit the meter readings in whole cubic metres (digits from the black boxes of the meter).

Please note that the reminder regarding the submission of the meter readings is displayed in the client portal, and from this year onwards, we will only send invitations regarding the submission of the meter readings to the e-mail address provided by the client. They will no longer be sent by post. We have been informing our customers of this decision since the beginning of 2020 by sending this information in a letter of invitation to report the meter readings.

Why can’t I reach you by phone?

All of the above changes have led to increased customer interest, which has significantly increased the waiting time to connect. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. And we invite you to log in to the customer portal, where, as our experience shows, you can find answers to the customers’ most frequently asked questions regarding payments as well.

We would like to emphasise that as of 1 June 2020, a new helpline telephone number has been introduced – (+371) 67869866 as a replacement for the previous premium rate telephone number 1855. Therefore, we ask you to use (+371) 67869866, which is a fixed line number, and for most customers, in accordance with their tariff plan, it is free of charge to call this phone number.

How can I register in the customer portal?

To register in the customer portal, you shall authorise such with the help of your internet bank or eSignature, and fill in the registration form. Once approved, a link will be sent to the e-mail address you provided, which shall be verified. After confirming the link, you will be taken to the customer portal and you can view the payment history, the current payment amount, as well as add an additional user to your profile.

Important! Registration in the Latvijas Gāze customer portal can be performed by a person who has concluded a contract with us.

If you do not have access to an internet bank or eSignature, we invite you to send an e-mail to with a complete and signed application for registration.

In 2021, we will continue to develop the customer portal as well, making it more convenient and expanding the range of available digital services for our customers!

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