For the third year in a row, Latvijas Gāze Group receives the EcoVadis Silver Award

Following a detailed audit procedure, EcoVadis, which is one of the world’s largest and most trusted providers of business sustainability ratings, has repeatedly awarded the Silver Award to the Latvijas Gāze Group. Compared to the previous year, the rating of this year has improved, surpassing the industry average by 9%.

Latvijas Gāze implements high standards and principles in its business, responsibly observing both international principles of good governance and paying special attention to the customer and employee satisfaction and transparent corporate governance. The performance of Latvijas Gāze Group was assessed in four aspects: environment, work environment and human rights, ethics, and sustainability.

Among all companies audited by EcoVadis, the rating of Latvijas Gāze is among the top 25% of companies, proving that the company cares about environmental protection, customer satisfaction, fair competition, employee welfare, and ethical environment, and in addition regularly works to improve the performance of the company in these areas.

EcoVadis provides an independent and reliable platform for the assessment and certification of more than 65,000 groups and companies. The rated companies represent 200 industries in 160 countries. The CSR (corporate social responsibility) evaluation criteria are used for the evaluation based on the sustainability standards of thousands of external sources, such as NGOs, trade unions, international organisations, municipalities, and audit organisations.

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