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Each day, our customer support team helps to solve hundreds of questions, also looking for the best solution for each customer. Currently this may take longer than usual, so we've compiled the most frequently asked questions and answers to them.

How is it possible to conclude the contract in your own name? When will I receive the new invoice? What happens to my overpaid amount if I end my contract? How much does it cost to receive the invoice by mail? Can I register in the client portal if I don't have the internet bank?

The team of Latvijas Gāze client service receives these and many other questions each day. Therefore, as we pay close attention to the increase in the number of incoming calls and emails from customers, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions.

In the Questions and Answers section of the Latvijas Gāze website, everyone can find out and receive an answer to the situation; both clients, who are just considering the possibilities of concluding a contract, or who are looking for the most convenient solution for submitting meter readings. We regularly improve this section with new questions, both according to current events in the natural gas market and frequently asked by the clients.

Below is a review of what customers asked us most often in the last month.

Should the meter readings be reported monthly from now on?

- Meter readings must be submitted every month to receive state aid.

- We invite other customers to follow the consumption data in the bills and, if they differ from those calculated by GASO, to submit the meter readings in the next reporting period.

I forgot to submit the readings! What to do?

- Meter readings can be reported every month from the 27th to the 1st working day of the following month (inclusive). If you did not manage to submit them during this time, we will issue the bill based on the information available to Gaso on the average consumption in the household. We invite you to submit the actual reading next month - we will recalculate and prepare the new bill according to the consumption.

For reporting meter readings, we invite you to choose the most convenient submission method for you.

Submission of readings is possible in several ways, both via the client portal and on the website, and in the case that one of the websites is temporarily unavailable, we invite you to report the readings by sending a text message. Please do not send readings by e-mail.

Can I continue to make payments in advance when the payment method changes to Invoice?

It is also possible to continue making advance payments in the future. The amount of the received payment is attributed to your contract and we direct it to reduce the amount of the next payment. Overpayment is always available to the clients; it can be used to pay future payments, or it can be transferred to another contract (if there are several objects, where you use natural gas connection), or paid to a current account by filling out and sending us an overpayment application in the client portal or to the e-mail address

I received the new Balanced payment schedule and the amount indicated in it for payment is significantly higher than before. Why?

Unlike the previous payment schedule, the new payment is only determined for the winter heating months, when the consumption is significantly higher, and it cannot be balanced for the summer period, as it was until now, because the Balanced payment method is available until 31.03.2023.

At the end of April 2023, we will send a recalculation, where the actual consumption by month and the tariff for the relevant period including the state aid will be taken into account.

If, however, you would like to receive a monthly bill with a clear view of how much has to be paid this month and the immediately included amount of granted state aid, please send a free-form notice about “Change of billing type” via the client portal, indicating the Subscriber number.

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