ADDED! We are currently experiencing a high amount of incoming calls and emails

The number of incoming calls and emails has tripled in the last 3 months. Customers wanted to make contact 160% more than last year in the same time period.

ADDED! In order to increase the reach of the call center, we have started cooperation with an outsourcing company, which will provide part of the services of the Latvian Gas customer center. In addition, we continue to expand our team and several new employees have already joined us in October.

In recent months, we have been experiencing a large increase in customer calls and written communication. Most of the questions consist of settlement issues, with regard to the amount of payment, changes in tariffs, the amount of state aid and the procedure for its application, as well as the change of payment method, where customers actively express their desire to change the payment method to a monthly bill; this is especially the case for customers, who use natural gas for heating and are eligible for state aid.

In order to increase availability to customers, we are also reachable outside normal working hours, so customers may even receive answers from us on weekday evenings and on weekends.

We continue to work on expanding the customer service team: we have already hired several new colleagues and we are always looking for more in order to be able to answer as many phone calls as possible and reduce the processing time of written requests. However, as with many companies, we are also facing a shortage of quality workforce. The training process takes time as well.

We will answer all the questions received - please do not send them again!

We kindly ask customers to be understanding, and if the question has been submitted in written form once, then we kindly ask you not to do it again, because all the letters are processed and answers are sent to everyone.

We understand that explaining the situation does not provide answers to the questions of interest; therefore, we first invite customers to get acquainted with the available information on our website, where we have collected the most important information about granting state aid; we have also compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions:

If you cannot find the answer to your question in these sections, we invite you to send it using the customer portal or by e-mail

We invite you to follow the latest information on our website and social networks

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Changes in the composition of Audit Commitee

Has recieved resignation notification that member of the Audit Commitee will leave the position 

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21.09.2022. | for households
ADDED! Updated information for existing Balanced Payment customers regarding switching to monthly bills

The change in the type of settlement will take place automatically and gradually, but the Balanced payment can be used until 31 March 2023, by filling out an application to keep it.

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06.09.2022. | for households | state aid
Starting from the 1st of July, Latvijas Gāze households will receive state aid for natural gas payments

Compensations will be applied for the period from July 1, 2022 to April 30, 2023. Households do not need to apply for state aid; the reduced fee will be included in the billing documents automatically in accordance with the amount determined by the state.

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