Important information for bills in January 2024

After the end of the calendar year, the distribution system operator Gaso recalculates the tariffs for the previous year.

The distribution service charge consists of a fixed payment and a variable payment:

  • The fixed payment depends on the permitted load of the connection to the gasified object. When recalculating for 2023, it is not changed.
  • The variable payment depends on the annual volume of natural gas consumed. The annual volume of natural gas consumed determines the appropriate tariff group for the object. If, at the end of the calendar year, Gaso determines that the actual volume of natural gas consumed during the year does not correspond to the previously applied distribution tariff category, a recalculation is made for the whole year according to the actual natural gas consumption and the tariff category corresponding to the actual situation is applied.

Most often, the tariff group changes if, for example, natural gas was used for cooking and then used for home heating, or vice versa. For households, 2 tariff groups are used:

  1. 0–2635 kWh (0–250 m3) per year
  2. 2635.1 to 263 450 kWh (250.1–25 000 m3) per year

According to paragraph 91 of the Cabinet Regulation No. 78 of 7 February 2017 Regulations Regarding the Trade and Use of Natural Gas, the distribution system operator is responsible for the correct application of tariffs in the gasified object. Therefore, the recalculation is carried out on the basis of the delegation provided for in the regulation, issued by the joint stock company Gaso on 20 April 2023, pursuant to paragraphs 29 and 30 of the Procedure for Application of Tariffs for Distribution System Services.

Information on changes in GASO tariffs from 01.01.2024 can be found here.

Understand your bill

The bill you receive each month contains a lot of important information and it is important for us that you can easily understand the information on the bill and get a quick overview of each section. A detailed explanation of the bill is available here.

If you have any questions about the procedure for recalculation by the Distribution System Operator, please see the Questions and answers section or contact the Customer Service Team

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