A new visual identity has been developed for Latvijas Gāze

Latvijas Gāze not only has developed its existing services, but has also renewed its logo and visual identity.

Latvijas Gāze has many years of experience in the sector; this knowledge and stability is one of the cornerstones of Latvijas Gāze business. As time goes on and the modernization of the range of services provided continues, the visual image should be made more contemporary as well, thus symbolizing positive changes and the values and stability provided by the long-term experience of the company.

In addition to the visual changes, customers will also see the new design and improved functionality of the customer portal, as well as other remodelled services. The transition to the new customer self-service portal is gradual; the portal will be available to all customers by the end of the year.

"At large companies, changes are slow but deep. Improvements to the logo of Latvijas Gāze are only a small part of the changes we have made to meet the needs of our customers. We continue to think about and stand for sustainability, the preservation and restoration of Latvia's nature, and the development of culture, public health, and education. This is the first visible step in our development — let's take the next ones together!” — Agnese Grīnberga, Vice President Marketing of Latvijas Gāze.

The new logo and visual identity present a modernized version of the current brand, with the aim of demonstrating Latvijas Gāze’s current approach to its services and the dynamics of processes while maintaining the stability provided by the company's long-term experience. New, vibrant colours and updated fonts have been introduced into the visual language.

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We are constantly improving our remote customer service, as well as we are taking care of customers’ convenience and service availability. We have already expanded the possibilities of payments in the customer portal by providing the possibility to pay using the most popular internet banks and payment cards. It is possible to pay the bill of another customer, for example, your parents, on the website of Latvijas Gāze as well.


We have launched the ambitious modernisation of the IT system, which is an important step in the development of Latvijas Gāze services.