Latvijas Gāze – the 9th most valuable company in Latvia

The TOP101 of the most valuable enterprises in Latvia in 2021 developed by Nasdaq Riga and Prudentia has been published. Latvijas Gāze is ranked 9th with a value of EUR 463.81 million.

The value of the enterprise consists not only of the financial results, but also of the development of the enterprise, prospects, as well as management, and risk assessment. Compared to 2020, the value of Latvijas Gāze has increased, reaching EUR 463.81 million, which is 23% more than in the previous year.

In addition to the key business indicators, Latvijas Gāze also pays a lot of attention to indicators that are not directly related to the financial performance of the company, such as corporate governance, sustainability, and process transparency. The establishment and observance of principles improves the reputation of the company in the eyes of both investors and the public. Latvijas Gāze responsibly introduces and implements the requirements of good corporate governance – its corporate governance ratio increased from 80 (in 2020) to 95, which is the highest result among all TOP101 enterprises.

The total value of the listed most valuable enterprises in Latvia reached EUR 22.5 billion in 2021, and compared to the 2020 list, this year, the total value of enterprises has increased by 37%. The TOP 101 of 2021 is already the 16th top of the most valuable enterprises in Latvia created jointly by Prudentia and Nasdaq Riga. TOP 101 provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs, industry experts, and the public to gain a comprehensive insight into the growth, compliance with the principles of corporate governance, development, and competitiveness of Latvian enterprises.

The full TOP101 of the most valuable enterprises in Latvia is available on the website

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