Opening the natural gas market – what it means!

According to the amendments to the Energy Law, the natural gas market will be fully open to households from 1 May 2023.

This means that Latvijas Gāze will continue to provide its customers with an uninterrupted supply of natural gas at the market price and will no longer be charged according to the methodology approved by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC). As a reminder, the price of natural gas is only one of the components that make up the total payment for natural gas (more information on the other components in the article below).

What should I do if I currently purchase natural gas from Latvijas Gāze as a connected user at a regulated price?

Customers will be informed individually about the specific action to be taken by 1 May by sending information to the e-mail or postal address provided by the customer. Please log in to the Customer Portal and update your contact details. If you are not yet using the self-service website, please register, which you can easily do by logging in with your internet banking or eSignature.

More information on how to register in the Customer Portal here

Customers are also invited to follow the information on our website and to follow Latvijas Gāze on Facebook, where the latest information on the opening of the natural gas market, offers and necessary actions will be available

How is the total price for natural gas calculated?

After 1 May, the total price for natural gas will be made up of several components, as before:

  • The price of natural gas – the price of gas traded together with the cost of storage and transmission capacity system services – depends on the price of natural gas on the exchange;
  • Transmission – starting point – the fee for transporting natural gas in main pipelines, determined by Conexus Baltic Grid AS;
  • Distribution – fixed fee – the fee for distribution system maintenance (reconstruction and maintenance of pipelines, distribution facilities, emergency service work), determined by Gaso AS;
  • Distribution – variable fee – the fee for the transportation of natural gas in distribution pipelines, determined by Gaso AS;
  • Excise tax – determined and regulated by the State;
  • VAT 21% – determined and regulated by the State.

The price of natural gas will be the only component that will differ between traders.

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