How can I terminate the contract?

If you change your place of residence and the property will be used by another person in the future, or if you want to terminate the contract because the property will be disconnected from the natural gas, please send us a completed application for termination of the contract to

The disconnection of the natural gas supply is provided by the distribution system operator GASO (more information here). The most convenient way to apply for disconnection to be performed by GASO is by sending an SMS to the number 155 with the text “ATSL space market number of the object”. You can find the market number of the object in the customer portal or in the GASO customer portal

In accordance with the laws and regulations, natural gas consumption measured in m3 must be converted into kWh. In order to meet the requirements of the laws and regulations, the distribution system operator must multiply the final gas consumption of the object measured in m3 by the weighted average gross calorific value of gas for the month within the charging zone, which can be performed at the end of the month. You will receive the billing document after the consumption measured in m3 is converted into kWh. I.e., the month following the termination of the contract or the supply of natural gas.

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